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Gentle Body Method

Stop The Madness

The Gentle Body approach is based on gimmick-free, good science and common sense combined with wisdom that has withstood the  test of time. The internet is awash with false promises targeting nothing more than our wallets and desire for a quick fix. But here's the truth: the human body - your body -  is designed to restore, recondition and rejuvenate itself given the right tools, techniques and support. As a past subscriber of " if it's new it must be better" I learned the expensive way that there is no such thing as a  quick fix. However..with a  bespoke, individually tailored, achievable and dedicated  plan of action, remarkable results can be  achieved...naturally.

Don't Get 'Lost In The Flaw

The hallmarks of ageing  are not necessarily what you might think -  lines and wrinkles  are only one sign -  there are other hidden markers of ageing that make us appear older than we feel.  Book in now for my non surgical facelift and I will share my  secrets for achieving a youthful, healthy, happy  body using simple self-care techniques and Pilates-based movement. Just like Glenda the Good Witch told Dorothy, "you had the power all along...you just had to learn it for yourself."

Time For Change

Every body is unique and my body and skin issues won't necessarily be identical to yours, but as someone who has had her share of "body behaving badly"  I know firsthand what it's like to  yearn for a simple, easy-to-follow plan devised by someone I can trust who will not up-sell me or try to pressure me into buying what I don't need. I stand by the few, carefully chosen products and treatments I use in the clinic  and only endorse those which I do or would use on myself. 

"Beauty without expression is boring" Raph Waldo Emerson


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